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Being a modern student represents itself as a complex and contradictory activity. On the one hand there exists the full informational freedom which includes unlimited access to informational resources, their usage for study and educational purposes while executing various tasks on different subjects. You have the possibility to read about the required material and find all the content you need. Educational courses, famous books online or if you do not need to read, look for a book summary or a brilliant book report while surfing around the Internet that can offer a countless number of book reviews online. On the other hand there appears difficulty in the complexity of educational approaches and assignments that you as a student can obtain.
As a student-philologer or a future specialist in study of literature you can be assigned to read summary of books or look through the hundreds of book ratings for drawing definite conclusions or performing certain considerations required for your educational program and subject courses. Students of such faculties have a necessity to read great number of famous books or those books that occupy top positions in the book ratings. Sometimes looking through the book summary will be enough for successful passing of the subject, but sometimes it requires more profound consideration and learning with writing different pieces of literary works or book reports.

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The question of book reading appears to be quite a sore subject in the modern society. TV, computers and other technological gadgets force books out of the market and out of the modern human activities. We can meet a reading person more and more seldom, this phenomenon becomes uncommon. Nobody should be blamed in that. The life changes, the habits change and the world view differs year after year. Now people appreciate their time and select only best books for reading activities by learning a summary of books and choosing what they like or need. The question of reading affects the students, since according to the most educational programs reading activities with the further analysis in different forms represent an integral part of the learning process.
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